Are you and your organization flourishing
in our changing world?

If you’re like most leaders, you’ve got a lot on your mind and on your plate.

Because achieving growth in our fast-changing and uncertain world is more challenging than ever.

Many business leaders are rushing to rearrange – to move forward from surviving to thriving. But, for a wide range of reasons, many are struggling to stay relevant….to attract new customers….to engage employees….to retain top talent.

It feels like a new era – one in which the old ways of doing business just aren’t working very well any more.

But, in the chaos are new opportunities – new ways of being that will achieve growth while also making a positive impact on people inside and outside of the organization.

We’ve helped many leaders and brands thrive.

I’d be delighted to share how we can do the same for you.

I’m Jenny Young, CEO of Harmony Crew. I’ve served clients for over 20 years as owner of my own business, and prior to that was an executive at a leading marketing firm for over a decade.

I care deeply about helping people, organizations, and brands realize their full potential. Whether it’s via coaching, training, facilitation, or consulting services, I can help you dramatically improve outcomes in 2 areas that are critical to lasting success: leadership and culture, and branding and marketing.

And, when projects require more than me, I have a small, proven team of wonderful experts at my side that I’ve worked with and trusted for years to achieve impressive results.

Coaching, Advising, Training & Facilitation

If you and/or your leadership team are committed to the deep inner and outer work that business and personal growth requires, you’re in the right place.

With flexible coaching, training, and facilitation solutions tailored to your needs, I make it easy to tap into our expertise and support in a way that’s right for your organization. I can help you achieve significant positive changes in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Engagement and Alignment

Consulting and Advising

You and your team know in your heads and hearts how great your business is. But you aren’t sure how to capture your brand’s essence and value – or how to express it in ways that are authentic, differentiating, and memorable.

With decades of experience delivering powerful branding and marketing results to a wide range of clients, we can tailor an engagement around your specific goals. Our services in this area include:

  • Brand Strategy & Visual Identity
  • Communications Plans, Assets & Campaigns

“I’ve worked with Harmony Crew over many years as president of major information technology companies. Jenny has a keen ability to quickly understand and align with the business and its go-to-market strategy. Their communications expertise and solutions are highly relevant, focused, and compelling — from big creative brand campaigns in the market to personalized coaching on internal leadership dialogues. Harmony Crew delivers what they promise, and genuinely care about their clients”

Nancy R. Friedman

President, Friedman & Associates