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Do you want your brand to be more powerful?

You know you and your business deserve more.
More ease…more enjoyment…more GROWTH!

If you’re like most courageous, small-business
leaders, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Balancing the daily demands with the need to stay focused. Aligning and engaging your team. Weighing tough decisions and taking calculated risks. Building and nurturing an effective brand. Forging and maintaining trust-based customer relationships — and attracting more of them!

What’s just as important — or maybe even more so — than all of that? That deep desire to step even more into your authentic self. To release the negative stress and fearful worries. To stop waiting for the future to enjoy your inner and outer life even more.

You recognize that the success of your business — and your own wellbeing — starts and ends with you. you’re ready to take business and personal growth to the next level.

I get it!

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My life’s work is in business and personal transformation.
I’ve helped many leaders and brands thrive.
I’ve served clients for 18 years as owner of my own business, and prior to that was an executive at a leading marketing firm for over a decade.

I care deeply about helping people, organizations, and brands realize their full potential!

Whether it’s via individual and group coaching, a range of consulting services, or training programs, I can help you dramatically improve results in two key areas that are critical to lasting success: leadership and brand. And, when projects require more than me, I have a small, proven team of wonderful experts at my side that I’ve worked with and trusted for years to achieve impressive results.


If you’re committed to the inner and outer work that business and personal growth requires — you’re in the right place!

With flexible coaching and consulting options, I make it easy to tap into our wisdom and support in a way that’s right for you and your business today. I can help you achieve significant positive changes in the areas of:

  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Strategic Planning & Decision Making
  • Team Engagement & Alignment


You know in your head and heart how great your business is. But you aren’t sure how to capture your brand’s essence and value — or how to express it in ways that are authentic, differentiating, and memorable.  We can help!

With decades of experience delivering powerful branding and marketing results to a wide range of clients, we can tailor a coaching or consulting program around your specific goals. Our expertise and services span:

  • Brand Strategy & Visual Identity
  • Website & Content Assets
  • Marketing Plans & Campaigns

“We were quite exacting and deliberate about our choice of experts to work on our brand and the strategy to bring it alive. We chose Jenny and her Crew because they brought us right-sized options and boundless wisdom in the process. By listening intently to our direction and purpose, Jenny expertly updated our messaging, brand position, assets/materials… which included giving birth to a beautiful website of which we can be proud.”

Siddharth A. Shah, CEO

Greenleaf Integrative