Monthly Archives: April 2013


ChickenLike the proverbial chicken and the egg, it’s impossible to put brand and culture in a linear order.

And that makes perfect sense. Because they are not separate, discrete entities – they are one and the same.  In today’s connected world, culture and brand are mirror reflections of each other.

Brand is truth

Your brand isn’t just a logo or an advertising campaign – things that can be seen and touched. And it isn’t a one-way story that you direct and control from the inside out.  Brand is truth. It’s a promise, an inspiration, a powerful motivator and a source of pride. And that truth evolves from the full experience your stakeholders – most especially your own people – have with your organization. (more…)

The Incredible Elastic Brain

elastic brainChange is inevitable, but also hard. We tend to get comfortable with the way things are and resist new things that require effort or challenge us. As business leaders, we know we must change to stay relevant. So why do we brace ourselves against change rather than embracing it?

Many of us think we can’t change, or at least not in any significant way. We might argue that, “We always do it this way” as we cling to our organization’s traditions. But science shows us that we are actually built for change. (more…)