Monthly Archives: May 2014

Applying lessons from science helps us feel good – and that’s good for business

It’s not easy to achieve lofty goals if it doesn’t feel good getting there.  So clearly, it makes sense that work should feel good. Then why are so many people stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of fatigue and frustration? Why are so many in the working world – executives included – giving so much of themselves, but feeling disengaged and underappreciated? (more…)

Servant Leadership: A transformative way to lead

servant leadership approachFor just one moment, envision a leader you’d want to follow. What words would you use to describe this person? Do the words boss, captain, foreman or helmsman come to mind? How about headman, honcho, kingpin or taskmaster? We found it almost amusing that Merriam Webster defines a leader as “the person who tells people and especially workers what to do,” and lists these words—as well as the word “man” — as synonyms of a leader. (more…)