About Jenny

Want to know more about me?

Jenny and her sweet dog Gracie

Greetings! My name is Jenny, and I founded Harmony Crew in 2001. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two decades. What a wonderful ride so far, with even more great stuff ahead!

Before I started my own business, I was Executive Vice President at a leading marketing communications firm in the Washington, DC area. I was so in my element working in a creative and strategic environment and serving a lot of diverse clients that I stayed for 13 years until the wonderful owner, who I still cherish as my dear friend, sold the business.

I could have stayed on with the new owners, but I knew it would never be the same. So, with the loving pressure from a loyal client and a few weeks of thinking about it, I took that big entrepreneurial leap and started Harmony Crew.

Ever since, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and leaders succeed at their dreams and goals with authenticity, ease, and enjoyment! In fact, my life’s work has been focused on helping clients reach new heights through business and personal transformation.

I’ve also simultaneously guided my own life, my leadership approach, and my business through an incredibly positive transformation, along with a few smaller evolutions. So, I personally know first-hand how to create and combine purpose, strong intentions, strategic focus, and momentum to achieve amazing business and personal growth!

Here’s a little more stuff about me:

I’m a coach, consultant and trainer who is passionate about helping develop and guide wise, genuine leaders and compelling, authentic brands. But, of course there’s a lot more to me than that.

  • I’m naturally strategic and focused. It just seems to be the way my brain operates. Frenetic multi-tasking has never been my thing.
  • I’ve always been drawn to business entrepreneurs. I love hearing about their dreams, models, risks, successes, struggles, lessons learned. Both of my parents also loved business and were gutsy entrepreneurs, so I was exposed early to that mindset. I guess it runs in the family.
  • I score very high on empathy and compassion. They are great qualities in so many ways, but sometimes I feel others’ struggles too much!
  • I’m crazy in love with animals and music, and have been since early childhood. Aside from my awesome family, friends, and clients, animals and music are my two favorite things.
  • I have a great sense of humor and a great belly laugh. Even though I’m a bit of an introvert, when I’m in a small group I can get people roaring with laughter by just saying what’s in my head.
  • I appreciate how different and unique people are. In fact, I think all the diversity and contrast in life is what keeps it so interesting.
  • I’m really into energy. I know that may sound strange. But I know firsthand that changing thoughts and emotions changes reality. How we feel every day matters more than we realize. I love this stuff so much that I got certified in Quantum Leadership and have become a master meditator. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here for now.
  • Kindness and love matter most. We all have so many priorities, pressures, and moods in life. But, when all is said and done, giving and receiving kindness and love are what make each day – each moment – feel good. I’m so blessed that my partner George is one of the most kind and loving people I’ve ever met.

I think it’s important for people and businesses to know and live their values. These are mine, and I strive to live them eagerly and authentically:

  • Earn trust
  • Stay curious
  • Maintain high standards
  • Delight our clients
  • Show up positive
  • Practice and encourage wellbeing

“I’ve worked with Harmony Crew over many years as president of major information technology companies. Jenny has a keen ability to quickly understand and align with the business and its go-to-market strategy. Their communications expertise and solutions are highly relevant, focused, and compelling — from big creative brand campaigns in the market to personalized coaching on internal leadership dialogues. Harmony Crew delivers what they promise, and they genuinely care about their clients”

Nancy R. Friedman

President, Friedman & Associates