3 must-have ingredients for creating a powerful brand strategy

Clients often ask me if they should follow a specific approach when developing their brand strategy, and my answer is always YES!  As I touched on in a recent related blog, a brand strategy consists of various components that, together, serve as a blueprint for creating true understanding about, interest in, and engagement with your business. Here are the components I strongly recommend clients include in their brand strategy. Vision and Mission Core Values Target Markets & Audiences Market Discovery … Read More

Do you have a current and compelling brand strategy fueling your business’ growth?

A small business CEO called me recently at the suggestion of a mutual associate. Let’s call her Sally. She was very frustrated and believed she had an urgent need for a new web firm. Turns out, she had spent months and a lot of money working with another firm on a new website. But she was very unhappy with the quality of work. Sally shared that her firm had evolved quite a bit over the last decade – as a … Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions – Culture by Default or by Design?

Of the many strategic decisions a leadership team makes, mergers and acquisitions are among the most difficult – and important. With millions – even billions – of dollars in play, as well as the diverse and often competing interests of employees, partners, and investors, how does a leadership team know if they are making the right move? While the financial “bottom line” is still critical, many CEOs are taking a broader, more holistic view. For example, Google’s Larry Page uses … Read More

Trust Me…

What comes to mind when you hear the words “trust me…”? A slick used-car salesman? A shady politician? Chances are, your first thought was of someone trying to get the best of you in an underhanded way. And that’s normal. Because trust – like respect – can’t be commanded. It has to be earned. What does this mean for business leaders? A lot. Research shows that the character and actions of the senior leader are inextricably linked with trust in … Read More

Bridging Multiple Generations On Your Team

As much as we like to talk about generational differences (the “command and control” Baby Boomer or the “lazy” Millennial), does age really determine how you’ll perform on the job? Of course not. But life experiences and backgrounds combined with the major cultural, social, and political events that occur during our formative years undoubtedly shape how we interpret and react to the world. To a large extent, our mindsets, communication styles, comfort with technology, and work habits are heavily influenced … Read More

Refresh or Rebrand? These Five Questions Can Help!

Do you long for a contemporary color palette? An updated logo or a more compelling tagline? New typography? Better photography and graphics? A different tone to the storytelling? For many marketing professionals and business leaders the answer is “YES!” It’s not uncommon for organizations to give their brand identity a facelift, or what we at Harmony Crew call a brand identity refresh, every few years. In fact, we help numerous clients create new and fresh expressions of their brand identities, … Read More

Why Earning Trust is Better Than Getting Tough

“Me First!” You expect to hear this in kindergarten, but not in corporate America. After all, shouldn’t adults know how to play fair, share willingly, and cooperate? Unfortunately, with employee engagement at all-time lows, many leaders find themselves increasingly confronted with demoralized, unhappy, or even outright-hostile employees. Energy levels plummet. Productivity suffers. Teamwork deteriorates. People look out for themselves first and foremost. And, just like frustrated parents, leaders often respond by “getting tough” – demanding more collaboration, greater commitment, and … Read More

Getting with the “Be With”Program Helps Managers Become Leaders

We recently blogged about the importance of spending time with your direct reports. While research suggests that six hours a week spent interacting with your employees may be the “magic number” for increasing engagement, we believe the issue isn’t just about quantity – it’s also about quality. For example, when you’re talking with your employees or team members – in person or on the phone – what do you discuss beyond work priorities and deadlines? If the answer is “nothing,” … Read More

Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Direct Reports?

Have you talked with with your employees today? Not e-mailed, not texted – but actually had a real-time face-to-face conversation with any of your direct reports? If the answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Demanding travel schedules, telecommuting, and increased responsibilities – not to mention the global nature of many businesses – make it hard for leaders to personally connect with their team members on a frequent basis. But if you find yourself regularly out of communication for days – or … Read More

A Holistic View Of Employee Recognition Pays Off

You may have already heard the recent news that, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Study, 62 percent of employees are “not engaged” at work. These individuals aren’t outwardly hostile, disruptive or unproductive like their “actively disengaged” peers. They usually show up and do what they’re told. Yet, while their managers and co-workers may like them, they probably don’t trust them to go the extra mile. To have the emotional commitment and self-motivation to move from competent to … Read More

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