Branding & Communications

Branding and marketing services that resonate with you and your markets

If you’re struggling to capture and express the heart, soul, and value of your business in ways that are authentic, differentiating, and consistent….

If you need a website and other marketing assets that align with your current business strategies and actually engage prospects with compelling content and designs…

If you’re unsure of where and how to invest your marketing dollars to maximize exposure, engagement, and leads…

Harmony Crew can heIp!

You’ll get the wisdom and expertise needed for success from our proven, seasoned team of branding and marketing professionals: 

  • Harmony Crew has been helping clients create more authentic, meaningful, and compelling brand strategies, content assets, and marketing campaigns for more than 20 years.
  • My marketing Crew and I have served clients of all types, from entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 1000s, operating in a variety of business-to-business and business-to-government markets.
  • I also advise clients’ marketing teams on their internal development and execution of marketing activities.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Our clients love that our proven approach results in not just differentiated brands, but authentic brands. With our expertise, your brand strategy and visual identity will enable your business to:

  • Differentiate your brand by capturing and expressing its heart, soul, and value in relevant, meaningful, and consistent ways to your markets.
  • Create much more cohesive, compelling, and differentiating marketing materials and campaigns
  • Improve your sales focus and results
  • Build deeper understanding, connections, and relationships with potential buyers
  • Recruit, hire, train, and more deeply engage the right team members
  • More effectively plan and execute your next strategic growth moves

Communications Plans, Assets & Campaigns

We are proven branding and marketing experts who have helped organizations grow market awareness and share for decades. Clients rely on our strategic, creative, and technical talents to deliver results in buyer and job candidate markets as well as internally :

  • Strategic campaign planning and execution
  • Websites and SEO
  • Email blast and drip campaigns
  • Data sheets, white papers, and case studies
  • Visual sales presentations
  • Infographics and animated graphics

“Jenny worked closely with us to develop a brand strategy that is truly authentic and differentiating. Her process enabled
us to capture and express Meridian’s essence, value, and story, which she and her team then brought to life beautifully
when they developed our new website. Harmony Crew played a key role in preparing us for a successful launch of our
business, and we’ve been in steady growth mode ever since.”

Sarah Yakel, Partner

Nathan Gilbert, Partner

Meridian Financial Partners