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heart coherenceFrom the first crudely drawn heart-shaped symbols painted on cave walls by Ice-Age hunters, humans have been fascinated with the heart and its role in our health and well-being.

Over the past 100 years, medical professionals have made great advances in understanding and treating heart disease and injury. However, some of the most significant, and fascinating, research being done today focuses on Heart Intelligence – the physiological mechanisms that allow the heart to communicate with the brain. (more…)


How to use neuroscience for better leadership

The Neuroscience of LeadershipBad days. We all have them. Sometimes it’s a single event that pushes you over the edge – a traffic jam, a missed deadline, or a tense conversation with your spouse. But sometimes it’s a pervasive pattern of events or behaviors that significantly impacts your long-term well being.

When a bad mood becomes chronic it can cause mental and physical harm – to you and others. In fact, neurobiological studies show that emotions are contagious. Leaders’ moods can actually alter the brain chemical state of their followers through a process involving the formation of “mirror” neurons. This means that those in positions of trust and authority can pass down hostility, anger, and depression – as well as joy, gratitude, and happiness – to their team. (more…)

Applying lessons from science helps us feel good – and that’s good for business

It’s not easy to achieve lofty goals if it doesn’t feel good getting there.  So clearly, it makes sense that work should feel good. Then why are so many people stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of fatigue and frustration? Why are so many in the working world – executives included – giving so much of themselves, but feeling disengaged and underappreciated? (more…)

The Incredible Elastic Brain

elastic brainChange is inevitable, but also hard. We tend to get comfortable with the way things are and resist new things that require effort or challenge us. As business leaders, we know we must change to stay relevant. So why do we brace ourselves against change rather than embracing it?

Many of us think we can’t change, or at least not in any significant way. We might argue that, “We always do it this way” as we cling to our organization’s traditions. But science shows us that we are actually built for change. (more…)

Deep Breath In…

YogaWhen you hear about companies that have yoga classes or mindfulness training, does it sound like a luxury? Sure, Google can afford meditation and massage for their employees, but what about the rest of us? When you’re busy grappling with the cost increases for traditional benefits like health insurance, it can be hard to imagine adding programs like these. Numerous studies show, however, that investing in employee well-being pays off in tangible ways.

Offering more progressive forms of employee well-being programs is an investment that delivers hard returns (And you’ll see those health insurance costs go down, too!) That’s why, beginning in 2010, Aetna, one of the largest healthcare benefits companies in the US, implemented mindfulness and yoga programs for its own employees. How people feel at work influences how well they work.  Directly experiencing that you genuinely value their wellbeing will have a measurable effect on their engagement. (more…)