Leadership Coaching, Consulting & Training

Accelerate your growth with leadership coaching, consulting, and training services

If you want to feel more confidence, authenticity, and ease as a business leader….

If you need a viable roadmap to guide you and your business to growth….

If you crave better understanding among and performance from your team…..

Harmony Crew can heIp!
You’ll get the wisdom and insights I’ve developed over many years, gleaned from:
  • Achieving superior client results for decades with highly tailored consulting, coaching, and training programs
  • Developing my own leadership capacities through 25 years as an executive and 18 years running my own business
  • Creating my own inner and outer transformation that resulted in dramatic improvements in my mindset, business, and life

Leadership & Personal Development

I’ll help you and others in your business create, enrich and integrate your leadership and personal development journeys. You’ll elevate your intentions, emotions, behaviors, and results by working closely with me to: 

  • Uncover and nurture your natural talents, strengths, and values
  • Reconnect with your deeper purpose and life vision
  • Increase mindfulness, self-reflection, and situational awareness
  • Change the negative stories of self-doubt in your head
  • Improve communications, trust, and relationships with others
  • Develop leadership skills that engage and inspire your team
  • Embrace a wellbeing practice to build resiliency and a more positive mindset

Strategic Planning & Decision-Making

Success requires knowing where you’re headed and the best way to get there. Clients have relied on my exceptional business acumen, foresight, and strategic planning abilities for decades. I and others on my team can help you:

  • Research and develop roadmaps to support and align go-to-market, business development, and marketing strategies
  • Make effective decisions related to growth, market obstacles, challenging employee or client situations, and more
  • Establish key practices, processes, and resources for more effective operations

Team Alignment & Engagement

Growth and long-term success depend on your people. My team and I offer deep experience in culture development, team alignment and employee engagement. Our coaching and program offerings enable clients to:

  • Deepen understanding and appreciation for everyone’s strengths and personalities
  • Co-create core values that guide the team’s business behaviors and decisions
  • Build trust and enable open, productive dialogue
  • Resolve operational and relationship challenges
  • Empower focus and elevate motivations
  • Improve critical thinking and collaboration

On top of all the hand-ons experience in these critical areas of leadership, I’m certified in quantum leadership by the Academy of Total Intelligence in Oxford, England, and in servant leadership by the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership in Atlanta, Ga. I’m happy to tell you more about those when we meet!

“I have a lot of gratitude for Jenny and Harmony Crew. As we were going through the challenges of evolving our offerings and member value, Jenny provided individual coaching services to me and numerous other key employees. In addition, she designed and facilitated several highly engaging and productive executive team sessions. Thanks to her support and guidance, we all further developed our leadership skills, learned a lot about ourselves and one another, deepened our mutual trust, and improved our communications and understanding. Her work has been critical to helping us successfully evolve our organization and culture.”

Chris Geith, CEO

eXtension Foundation