Harmony Crew’s heritage stems from rich communications expertise. We believe that an organization’s culture and brand is one living organism – literally an energy field of causal connections, relationships, and engrained patterns of behavior that continue to evolve into beliefs, assumptions, and even policies. And language and communications are the glue that holds it together.

In fact, mind-blowing discoveries in quantum physics over the past century prove that our thoughts, beliefs, words, narratives, and actions directly affect energy fields – making them literally fields of potentiality in which we’re all participating and co-creating.

Effective communications – created through positive and open intentions, thoughts, and language – plays a critical role in positive change and transformation. Unquestionably, how an organization talks about its current and future state – the words, conversations, and stories that are expressed through the leaders, the culture, the employees, and the brand and marketing campaigns – directly impacts its future success or failure.


This belief drives Harmony Crew to go beyond traditional “corporate communications” approaches and dry business-speak. We have numerous professionals with deep engagement and communications expertise on our Crew, and we take into consideration the style and patterns of language and communications that have contributed to your organization’s current-state beliefs, assumptions, brand, and even policies. We guide you in communications changes and enhancements to help create a workplace environment and brand experiences that are more thoughtful, cohesive, clear, and connective.

Our history is rooted in true communications expertise at all levels – strategic branding, marketing and internal campaigns; interpersonal interactions and conversations with others; and even effectively communicating with oneself in thoughts and intentions, as intrapersonal communications actually help shape our reality and relationships with others.

We deliver on a wide range of communications needs for clients via our leadership development, culture, and branding/marketing services. This includes guiding leaders and teams on their communications with themselves and others via training, workshops, and coaching, as well as developing strategies, content, and tools for both internal and external communications campaigns.

Harmony Crew offers the communications expertise and services to help elevate culture and brand engagement. Learn more here.