Branding and Marketing

“Harmony Crew is a critical partner in the global transformation of Zebra’s business focus. From guiding the development of our new vision, mission, and brand story, to helping us create alignment between our culture and brand, the results to date have been outstanding. Our dedicated and talented Crew members are highly engaged in the business every day, and their exceptional work is energizing Zebra’s brand and employees worldwide!”

– Debbie Murphy, Former VP, Global Marketing, Zebra Technologies


Harmony Crew has been helping clients create more authentic, meaningful, and compelling brands, marketing campaigns, and sales enablement programs since 2001. (And for some of the Crew, well before that in our prior lives.) Bringing a unique holistic perspective, we offer deep expertise in all areas of brand strategy and identity. This includes developing a differentiating brand position that aligns with your vision and mission and captures the essence of your customer promise. We’ll also infuse emotion and energy into your brand as well as integrate compelling and consistent messages and narratives, design systems, and content assets into a cohesive and authentic identity.


We deliver on a wide range of communications needs for clients, from a single web site or sales enablement tool to the planning, development, and execution of a strategically integrated campaign with many tactics across multiple markets and audiences. Equally important, Harmony Crew quickly learns your business, sees unfolding opportunities and risks, offers forward-thinking suggestions, and helps you successfully maneuver communications challenges. We’re at our best when serving as a true partner – an extension of your trusted team.

Call us to learn how we can help you in any or all of the following areas:

  • Brand Strategy and Identity Platforms
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Marketing and Sales Enablement Campaigns
  • Content Creation and Asset Development
  • Market Research