Employee Engagement

“Harmony Crew could feel that Bialek’s “heart” is our true differentiator. The attitude of caring throughout our company is palpable. They helped us solidify and unify our culture and brand around that positive energy. We’ve successfully partnered with them on new vision, mission, and portfolio work; customer and employee research; a culture audit and engagement program; and a new brand story, visual identity, and marketing tools. Harmony Crew has helped us build a truthful and sustainable platform from which to serve our customers and continue growing. They are highly effective, and they are a true pleasure to work with.”

– Joan Bialek, President, Bialek Environments



Harmony Crew believes the number-one driver of breakthrough performance is a trust-based, empowered culture in which high levels of employee engagement are enabled and nurtured. Indeed, a recent Towers-Watson Global Workforce study of 32,000 employees across 30 countries proves what many of us instinctively know: there is a very strong and immediate connection between how we feel at work and how we perform.

But here’s the challenge: traditional engagement techniques are no longer enough. It takes much more today than just rewards-oriented programs to build a passionate and loyal workforce. Further underscoring the need for new approaches is that, for the first time ever, our workforce encompasses four – soon to be five – generations of people.

Clearly, however, a commitment to culture change pays off. Numerous research studies confirm that companies with highly engaged employees deliver amazing results:

  • 3x higher revenues
  • average one-year operating margin of 27%
  • 12% higher profitability
  • 6x earnings-per-share growth rate
  • 89% greater customer satisfaction
  • employees 50% more likely to exceed expectations
  • 54% greater employee retention

A New Approach to Elevated Engagement

Harmony Crew gets that beliefs, behaviors, and motivations can’t be mandated. We take a values-based, open communications approach to helping you enable a positive culture – an eagerly productive environment where people feel connected to deeper meaning as well as genuinely dedicated to serving one another and customers.

Harmony Crew offers the knowledge, techniques, content, and tools to elevate engagement, collaboration, learning, and performance. The result is engaged and empowered employees who take ownership and effectively co-create solutions and innovations that deliver even more value to your customer and brand.

Our culture and employee engagement offerings include:

  • Strategic Engagement Audits and Plans
  • Engagement Communications Campaigns
  • Employee Programs and Workshops
  • Vision and Mission Development
  • Core Values and Behavior Standards