Leadership Support

“I’ve worked with Harmony Crew over many years as president of major information technology companies. They have a keen ability to quickly understand and align with the business and its go-to-market strategy. Their communications expertise and solutions are highly relevant, focused, and compelling — from big creative brand campaigns in the market to personalized coaching on internal leadership dialogues. Harmony Crew delivers what they promise, and they genuinely care about their clients.”

– Nancy R. Friedman, Friedman & Associates


It Starts at the Top

If you’re like a lot of other business leaders, you feel intense pressures to meet objectives with fewer resources and within highly unpredictable and complex market circumstances. Though you’re doing your very best to stay on your competitive game, a recent Towers-Watson Global Workforce Study shows what we at Harmony Crew see frequently: most leaders are running 21st century businesses with 20th century practices and programs. And, guess what? Though most leaders are really smart and have very good intentions, the old ways just aren’t working anymore.

Harmony Crew has deep experience working with leaders and leadership teams to achieve positive changes. Our management consulting experience spans developing new sales strategies and go-to-market plans, to creating collaboration opportunities between leaders and their teams, to developing and executing compelling retreats and offsite programs.

Empowering Emerging Leaders

More than ever, today’s most successful organizations are eager to prepare and empower the next generation of leaders. Indeed, with flatter and more matrix-based organizational structures becoming more common, many executives expect younger professionals to know when and how to step into a leadership mindset and role versus when and how to let others lead, regardless of their age or titles.

Applicable to all levels of management and a powerful approach to business performance, Harmony Crew’s mindful leadership framework, tenets, and curriculum de-emphasize command-and-control approaches and internal competition and emphasize trust, effective communications, and systems thinking.  We help executives and managers master self-awareness, empower focus, elevate consciousness and motivations, strengthen critical and intuitive thinking, and improve individual and group performance.

Harmony Crew’s leadership consulting and training offerings include:

  • Strategic Engagement and Growth Plans
  • Leadership Assessments and Alignment
  • Meeting and Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Leadership Training and Development Programs
  • Individual and Group Coaching