Training and Development

Engage Your Team With Harmony Crew Training and Development

Take a look at the most profitable, most admired companies in the world and you’ll find a common thread: From the CEO on down, people are consistently, thoroughly engaged—with their jobs, one another, the brand, and customers.

Harmony Crew helps clients build just this sort of engagement. One highly effective way we do this is through a variety of experiential live events. Incorporating compelling, scientifically proven techniques, Harmony Crew events are more than just entertaining (though they are certainly that). They are events with a purpose.

A growing body of global research shows that when people feel more connected, engaged, and united in a common mission, major business benefits result. On average, companies with highly engaged cultures experience:

  • Three times higher revenue
  • One-year operating margins averaging 27%
  • 89% greater customer satisfaction
  • Employees who are 50% more likely to exceed expectations
  • 54% greater employee retention

Harmony Crew’s certified trainers and experts can help guide you on the path to these kinds of results.

If you’ve been thinking of proactively improving employee engagement, leadership abilities, and business knowledge, but aren’t sure where to begin, a Harmony Crew event could be a perfect first step. Or, if you’re in an environment where high levels of engagement are the norm, we can help you to keep the spirit alive, instill it in new employees—and take it to a higher level.

People leave our events feeling exhilarated, enlightened, and eager to take on new challenges and more deeply connect. And the increased spirit sustains over time—leading to a happier culture and a better-performing organization.

In addition to ongoing leadership training and development programs, we offer a variety of experiential training workshops. Our Employee Engagement Workshops are half- and full-day trainings designed to improve working relationships among your teams. Our four most popular topics include:

  • All Together Now: Building Teamwork Across Generations
  • Achieving the Best Outcomes from Difficult Conversations
  • Servant Leadership for Maximum Performance
  • Leveraging Mindfulness to Improve Individual and Team Performance
  • Communicating Authentically
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing
  • 7 Behaviors for Building Trust

You can view our Difficult Conversations video training modules here.

You can find detailed Employee Engagement Workshop descriptions here.