About Us


Many believe that business has become the most powerful force on the planet. Our digital age fuels organizations and this collective power, making us more connected and networked than ever before. We live at a breathless pace with global reach, way beyond our own backyards.

This all sounds good. But, something is seriously out of whack. For some, business is certainly not easier to conduct – in fact, it’s more difficult to find traction and get results. Financial margins shrink while tired, frustrated people feel pressure to do more with less. “Work harder and smarter” is the pervasive byword, which frankly isn’t very helpful. Pain is the standard operating condition, and all stakeholders feel it – leaders, managers, employees, and customers.

At the same time, chief marketing officers are struggling to define their companies beyond their product and services and to truly connect their brands and stakeholders at that ever-important emotional level. More than ever before, leaders crave more innovation and creativity from themselves, their people, and the organization’s branding investments to move the proverbial business needle. But the same old top-down collaboration approaches and competitive defensive thinking just don’t work anymore.


Harmony Crew helps organizations take a new approach to leadership development, employee engagement, and strategic branding. Our expertise helps enable service-centric, empowered cultures based on trust and optimism as well as unified by common purpose and shared values.

Many leaders are open to learning a new way of behaving and operating – one that feels better to everyone and actually produces the desired business results. Let’s face it – top talent wants to learn, grow, and collaborate in stimulating work situations. In fact, recent research shows that an environment of sustainable engagement energizes entire organizations – and drives substantial top and bottom-line growth. Building a values-based culture that focuses on energizing individuals – including the leaders – is a natural and powerful way to achieve success and maximize sustainable growth for the whole.

So what does brand have to do with all of this? Now we are at the heart of the matter. Your brand is not a logo or an ad. It’s a living energy – the heart of your organization’s promise, inspiration, motivation, and pride. In fact, a recent study showed that brand is one of the top-five drivers of employee engagement, which makes sense, given your employees are your front-line brand ambassadors.

Strategic branding is the organization’s expression of itself, or brand, making it a critical strategic function to leadership. Harmony Crew offers deep strategic branding and marketing experience to ensure the organization’s identity, content, and stories are effectively created and expressed to all stakeholders.

Developing and nurturing a unique culture of belief and deeper meaning – which is enabled by leaders and expressed through the branding and marketing – creates a sustainable path of deeper engagement, performance improvements, continued growth, and customer love.

Harmony Crew can help you get there.


Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Warrenton, Va., just outside of Washington, D.C., Harmony Crew is a strategic engagement firm offering expertise and integrated services in culture/employee engagement, leadership development, and strategic branding. Our belief is that an organization’s leadership, overall culture and sub-cultures, and brand identity must be aligned around consistent and effective behaviors and communications approaches in order to unleash human and organizational potential.

A highly scalable and responsive firm, Harmony Crew works with our clients at a pace that best suits them to affect positive change and deliver breakthrough results around their specific needs. With deep business-to-business, business-to-government, and consumer expertise, we’ve proudly served a variety of technology companies, government contractors, professional services and solutions organizations, and membership associations. And because of our scalable model, we’ve successfully partnered with clients of all sizes both locally and nationally, from start-ups, to mid-size firms, to divisions of Fortune 500s.


Harmony Crew’s diverse team of specialists across the country bring together their exceptional talents, skills, and, resources – along with their hearts and humor – to each engagement to deliver an unprecedented level of results. We’re a tight and talented group of strategic thinkers, innovative facilitators and trainers, buttoned-up project managers, award-winning creative talent, and more. Our Crew is nothing short of outstanding, and we have high appreciation and love for them.

Harmony Crew tailors our teams and services to the specific needs of each individual engagement. We can help you in one or all of the following areas:

  • internal culture development and communications programs that build engagement and performance, from development of vision, mission, values, service standards and core values, to team collaboration workshops, to communications campaigns and tools
  • servant leadership development programs and leader facilitation expertise that help enable breakthroughs and new behaviors as well as elevate collaboration, mindfulness, ideation, and much more
  • a fresh and authentic branding and marketing approach to better connect with your markets, from a brand evolution or rebrand strategy, to marketing and sales enablement campaigns, to content and asset development and execution