Meet the Crew

Harmony Crew serves our clients through highly experienced and flexible virtual teams. We offer an exceptional Crew and – trust us — we don’t let just anyone in. We bring together only known or highly referred experts from around the country that align with our way of thinking to serve as dedicated and collaborative account teams.  And, we enable a culture of trust, accountability, customer love, creativity, and fun with our Crew.

We have it covered — from out-of-the-box strategic thinkers, amazing campaign project managers, and creative and technical talent spanning all communications disciplines, to nationally recognized leadership development experts, workshop facilitators, executive coaches, trainers, holistic health experts, meditation and yoga teachers, and more. Our proven, flexible, and cost-effective model allows Harmony Crew to tailor our teams and offerings to meet your specific needs – whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term engagement.  It’s about high value at Harmony Crew.

Jenny Young - Harmony Crew FounderJenny Young – Founder & Conductor

Jenny Young’s deep commitment to servant leadership infuses and informs her life’s work in personal and organizational transformation. She is proven, passionate, and lives her values.

She has integrated 30 years of strategic branding, marketing, and corporate communications expertise with new and forward-thinking approaches to leadership development and behavioral changes. The result is a remarkable company, Harmony Crew, with three pillars of service offerings – leadership, culture, and brand – developed to enable clients’ sustainable healthy growth.

Jenny is one of the visionary few who understand how to bridge between strategy and execution. She has implemented innovative changes and transformation as a C-level executive, as a trusted adviser and partner, and in her own life. She lives the process and is passionate about its benefits.

She learned early in her life that she cared deeply about helping people, organizations, and brands realize their full potential. But, after discovering the application of the new sciences to human behavior, Jenny is convinced that leaders and employees aren’t actually seeing, much less realizing, their full potential.  She re-created Harmony Crew to help organizations maximize their potentiality – to create a whole new growth dream and the sustainable path for achieving it, through both incremental and dramatic changes in leadership approaches, employee engagement, and strategic branding.

Jenny established the business in 2001 after a 14-year career at KSK Communications, a leading full-service marketing communications agency in the Mid-Atlantic region.  As executive vice president of KSK, she was involved in all aspects of agency management, including client service, strategic campaign development, staff and team leadership, business development, and operations management.  She has served clients of all types, from entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 1000s, in a variety of business-to-business, business-to-government, and consumer markets.

Before joining KSK Jenny held the position of public relations manager for Great American Broadcasting (Taft Broadcasting) in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also was responsible for press relations for aviation and IT clients at Keeton & Rich, a Dallas, Texas agency.

Jenny is certified in quantum leadership by the Academy of Total Intelligence in Oxford, England, and in servant leadership by the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership in Atlanta, Ga. Jenny serves on the Fairfax Chamber Board of Directors. Jenny has been an Instructor for the American Association of Advertising Agencies Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and public relations from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Jenny lives in Warrenton, Va., at Harmony House, headquarters for Harmony Crew.