3 must-have ingredients for creating a powerful brand strategy

Clients often ask me if they should follow a specific approach when developing their brand strategy, and my answer is always YES!  As I touched on in a recent related blog, a brand strategy consists of various components that, together, serve as a blueprint for creating true understanding about, interest in, and engagement with your business. Here are the components I strongly recommend clients include in their brand strategy. Vision and Mission Core Values Target Markets & Audiences Market Discovery … Read More

Do you have a current and compelling brand strategy fueling your business’ growth?

A small business CEO called me recently at the suggestion of a mutual associate. Let’s call her Sally. She was very frustrated and believed she had an urgent need for a new web firm. Turns out, she had spent months and a lot of money working with another firm on a new website. But she was very unhappy with the quality of work. Sally shared that her firm had evolved quite a bit over the last decade – as a … Read More