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Can you help me?

 Can you help me?

In response to ever-increasing levels of competition from their on-line competitors, many traditional retailers are putting more emphasis on personal and friendly service – “the human touch.” After all, high-end retailers like Nordstrom have successfully used this approach for years. Deliver superior service and engender customer loyalty – it certainly sounds like a recipe for success.

Perhaps like us, you’ve noticed an uptick in attempted helpfulness in your recent shopping trips.

Or have you? (more…)


Photo courtesy of AMC

The critically acclaimed TV series, Mad Men, may be set in the 1960s, but the insights it offers into the evolution of advertising, marketing, and business strategy are timeless. A scene in Season 7 particularly resonated with us. As the creative team gathers to start work for a major new client, Peggy directs each of the copywriters to give her 25 taglines by the next day. When Don asks, “What’s the strategy?” she responds, “They want to see the tags first.” (more…)


digital contentThe search for customers is over. Today, 90% of business buyers say that when they are ready to buy, they will find you. And, recent studies of the buying habits of B2B customers indicate that 8 out of every 10 start their buying journey with a web search instead of a personal interaction. In fact, half- to three-quarters of the average buyer’s decision-making process is completed virtually – without ever having a conversation with a sales person. (more…)

Culture implications matter in mergers and acquisitions

zip-it-up-1108601-sA recent HBR article on the post-merger rebranding of two Latin American airlines — Avianca and TACA – made us sit up and take notice. Yes, the new red and grey uniforms and freshly painted aircraft were striking. The ad campaign was slick. But isn’t that what we expect from a major commercial company?

What really intrigued us wasn’t the re-brand, but the fact that it had been 3 years since Avianca acquired TACA. Three years of maintaining and paying for two brands in the market. That’s unusual. (more…)


ChickenLike the proverbial chicken and the egg, it’s impossible to put brand and culture in a linear order.

And that makes perfect sense. Because they are not separate, discrete entities – they are one and the same.  In today’s connected world, culture and brand are mirror reflections of each other.

Brand is truth

Your brand isn’t just a logo or an advertising campaign – things that can be seen and touched. And it isn’t a one-way story that you direct and control from the inside out.  Brand is truth. It’s a promise, an inspiration, a powerful motivator and a source of pride. And that truth evolves from the full experience your stakeholders – most especially your own people – have with your organization. (more…)